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10 Ways How To Use Banana Peels, So You Don’t Have To Throw Them Away!

The banana is so tasty fruit, and it has many benefits for our health. They are full with antioxidants, vitamins and minerals.

Many of us eat only the fruit and after that they toss the peel. But don’t do that again because you are throwing away something that is extraordinary useful. In this article you will learn how to use this fruit for curing many illnesses:

Bug Bites

If you have a bug bite, rub the peel on the place and, as we previously said, it will stop the scratching and heal the skin.


Having lumps can be very stressful. This is the right cure for you. You can rub the inner side of the peel on the lump, or just put a small piece on the affected area and put a bandage around it.


Use banana peel as a moisturizer for your skin. Release the skin from scratching and cure psoriasis at the same time. 1-2 times a day put banana peel on the place that you want to be cured, and after a couple of days you can see amazing results.


If you have headache just put banana peel on the forehead and on the back of your neck. The peel is full with potassium which can help you to release from the headache.

Whiten your teeth

Rub your teeth with the banana peel for a couple of minutes. You will have great, white and healthy teeth in just a few weeks.

Itches and hives

Put banana peel on the place that you feel itching or you have rash and you will soothe it in a couple of minutes.


This usage of banana peel is the greatest. You can cure hemorrhoids with it. The usage is so simple: rub the peel for 5 minutes on the area that is affected and it is recommended to do that 5 times a day so you will have best results.


Rub the peel on the acne before going to bed because you will have better effect. It heals the inflammation and irritation of the skin and it stops the acne to appear again.


Because of its strong renewable effects, the banana peel can heal the injures you have.

Natural polishing

You can use the peel to clean up the kitchen utensils, furniture, collect the dust from the plants in your home, and also polish your shoes.