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Heal Your Body by Eating 6 Roasted Garlic Cloves

Eating garlic in winter will help us keep our health and protect ourselves from flu and colds. The taste of the garlic stays in the mouth, so for some of us this can be very uncomfortable.

The best food to stay healthy is garlic. All you need is to consume it regularly and in equal quantities. It helps to regulate blood pressure, lower cholesterol, stimulate blood flow and prevents heart attacks.

Control consumption of LDL cholesterol, prevents production of the hormone angiotensin II and relax blood vessels.

Clearly, garlic helps our body in less than 24 hours. The eating of 6 cloves roasted garlic on a daily basis can give you an amazing results. According to experts it should be used in this order:

1st hour – The garlic is digested in the stomach, and feeds your body.

2-4 hours – It starts to demolish cancer cells and stops the damage of the free radicals.

4-6 hours – The metabolism begins to identify the beneficial effects from the garlic, and starts to eliminate the excess fluids and fat in the body.

6-7 hour – Any bacteria found in the system starts to be operated and destroyed by the antibacterial properties of garlic.

6-10 hours – The body is not protected from oxidation, because the nutrients found in garlic have provided effects on a cellular level.

10-24 hours – Because of this magical vegetable, the body goes through a process of deep cleansing, which leads to:

  • Gives strength to the immune system
  • Loweres and improves blood pressure levels
  • Boosts the lifetime of cells
  • Its getting rid of fatigue
  • Regulates cholesterol levels
  • Prevents the cardiovascular problems
  • Improves athletic performance

So, the experts recommend to eat this useful food on a daily basis, because it prevents various diseases and health issues, and treats the existing ones fast! SOURCE