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Reasons To Drink Papaya Juice

In case you didn’t know, the papaya leaves have many benefits: for good health, curing and healing cancer, and dandy fever.

The researchers found out that the phytonutrients in the leaves are very good antioxidants, and also boost the flow of the blood. This is happening because of the papain, phenolic compounds, and alkaloids in them. The active parts of papaya are the first two stimulations and they can help in the proteins absorption, and they are used to cure acid reflux, digestive problems, and bloating. Besides, the alkaloid blends named carpaine, pseudocarpaine, and dehydrocarpine prevent chemopreventive influence.

So, the benefits of papaya leaves are:

  • Endures the liver – Liver cancer, liver cirrhosis, jaundice, or any other problem that you have with your liver can be cured if you use papaya leaves as a base for treating.
  • Takes your energy on a higher level – Consume the papaya leaves juice every day to boost the energy and to help you get rid of the chronic fatigue.
  • Stops the diseases – If you want to stop dandy fever, cancer, and malaria, the papaya leaves juice is the right cure for you. It has acetogenin which is a great support for the immune system, and it can also struggle with the viruses and bacteria in the body.
  • Drops the blood sugar levels naturally – The juice increases the susceptibility of the insulin and manages the levels of the glucose. It also has agents that prevent cancer and decrease the additional entanglements of diabetes such as greasy liver and kidney harm, and reduces the oxidative anxiety too.
  • Withstands the digestive system – Protese, amylase, chymopapain, and papain compounds are in the lucky pack that you can find in the leaves. They can segregate carbs and proteins, and to make your processing much better. So you can control your digestive structure with the magical use of the juice. It repairs the stomach lining and peptic ulcers too, by dispensing with microscopic organisms. Reduce the colon irritation with this method that is produced by IBD.
  • Calms down the inflammation – The juice has the anti – inflammatory effects, so, it can reduce the allergies and diseases caused by the inflammation.
  • Controls your period – With the papaya leaves juice you can balance the cycle and the PMS indications.
  • Keeps the cardiovascular health save – As we previously said, the leaves are full with antioxidants, which can boost your immune system, keep the heart health save, and wide the blood vessels.
  • Production of blood platelet – If you are seriously ill, then it is really important to keep the blood platelet. The Asian Pacific Journal of Tropical Bio medicine agrees that the papaya leaves make the production of the platelet way better.


Here are some recipes to prepare the papaya leaves:

  • Papaya tea – in 2 liters of water put 10 medium-sized papaya leaves, and boil them on fire until the water is half evaporated. Cool down the blend and take it in small dosages. It is better to drink it fresh, but you can also store it in the fridge for 5 days.
  • Papaya juice – put a couple of clean leaves in juicer and mix it so you can excerpt the juice from them. Keep the juice in a small bottle for 4-5 days in the fridge. If you want it to be tastier, mix the blend with another juice. Also, you can put some papaya leaves in a blender with a cup of water. Strain the blend with a cloth and the juice is done.
  • Extract from the leaves – the extract can be found in form of capsules, tea leaves, but go for organic. You can find it in the market, but they are usually GMO.