What Your Sleeping Position With a Partner Says About Your Relationship

When we go to sleep, then our subconscious takes over. Amazingly, people are very honest while sleeping and they just cannot fake their body language. When it comes to describing what goes on in some relationship the sleeping positions of your partner and you can be quite accurate.

In which one do you recognize yourself?

The Crab

This position means the different needs of the partners. Both of the partners like different things from their relationship: the one needs more intimacy and the other lacks space.

Opposite Sides

If the partners are sleeping on the opposite sides of the bed it means they need space in their relationship. However, in case this happens occasionally, it could indicate they just need a good night’s sleep.

On His Shoulder

When the woman sleeps on the shoulder of her partner, it means that she is dependent on him. In case you are sleeping like this, you have to learn how to live without him and to become more independent.

The Romantic Position

The romantic position includes the man lying on his back and the woman placing her head on the chest of her partner. It usually takes place when that relationship is fresh.

Face To Face

The face to face position is also known as pillow talk as it expresses the conversation and good contact that the two partners have.

Lover’s Tie

The partners are turned face to face and their legs are intertwined for a couple of minutes or until they fall asleep. The position shows that the couple is intimate, independent, and sexually active.

She Is The Little Spoon

The girl being in the spoon means that the partner loves and protects her.

He Is The Little Spoon

This position is showing that the male partner needs care and love.

Back To Back

When the partners’ backs are touching, the partners are intimate, relaxed, and comfortable in their relationship.

Back To Back, Not Touching

When their backs are not touching, it means that there is connection and love in the relationship, but they are independent as well.

What Your Sleeping Position With a Partner Says About Your Relationship